Dog Days

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It’s not quite officially the dog days of summer, but it sure feels like it. And while the heat may suggest a certain lethargy, we’re hard at work here at the Texas Computer Cooperative creating the best Business and Student software in Texas. iTCCS: Made for Texas schools by Texans. Keep our education dollars here where they belong.

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2018 Student Heroes Award

cedar park high school

The third post about our student state heroes. Read the first post about Mayely Carrasco and the second about Crystal Pacheco. And read about all the other amazing students in Texas. Congratulations to the iTCCS districts who took part in shaping such heroic student and to all of our Texas students and staff who are out there every day making our state and country better. Once again, as told by TEA:

District 10: As an eighth-grade student, Lance White, was diagnosed with cancer. The Make-A-Wish Foundation offered to make his dreams come true. Instead of wishing for a trip of a lifetime, White, now a junior at Cedar Park High School in Leander ISD, asked for help creating a charity and the Lift Brigade was born. The Lift Brigade provides support for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

2018 Student Heroes Award

monte cristo elementary school

The second post of three about our student state heroes. Read the first post about Mayely Carrasco. And read about all the other amazing students in Texas. If these students are our future, our future is bright, indeed. In the words of the State Board of Education:

District 3: As part of a class assignment, Crystal Pacheco, a first-grade student at Monte Cristo Elementary School in Edinburg Consolidated ISD, was asked to write a letter containing her Christmas wishes. Pacheco asked for a ball for her brothers, food for the family, and a blanket for a brother who had been hospitalized. She asked for nothing for herself. Pacheco’s unselfish letter launched a blanket drive that ultimately raised more than 1,500 blankets, enough to provide two blankets to every child at her school.

2018 Student Heroes Award

Odessa High School iTCCS Image

Every year the Texas Education Agency honors a student in each of the 15 districts for the Student Heroes Award. We here at iTCCS would like to show our support by highlighting three of these well-deserving students. Here is the story of Mayely Carrasco from District 1, as told by the State Board of Education News press release. Her compassion and strength are truly an inspiration.

“Impacted by a suicide in her own family, Mayely Carrasco, a sophomore at Odessa High School in the Ector County Independent School District (ISD), wanted to make sure that no student struggled alone with depression. She created a suicide prevention group that meets weekly. The group provides support and encouragement to classmates. Carrasco also helped make a video to educate students and staff about teen suicide and provides informational material about community resources.”

Agile iTCCS

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Did you know? iTCCS is moving to Agile. We’ve already started the changes including setting up Jira Dev, which allows us to use a specific type of Agile. In our case, we’re using the Kanban framework. A Kanban board allows members of the group to visualize each piece of the software puzzle they’re working on. So they can tell where in the process something is — full transparency is key. What does this mean for you? Faster software iterations so you get working components you need quickly. Questions?