Agile iTCCS

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Did you know? iTCCS is moving to Agile. We’ve already started the changes including setting up Jira Dev, which allows us to use a specific type of Agile. In our case, we’re using the Kanban framework. A Kanban board allows members of the group to visualize each piece of the software puzzle they’re working on. So they can tell where in the process something is — full transparency is key. What does this mean for you? Faster software iterations so you get working components you need quickly. Questions?

Battle of Flowers

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It’s that time of year again — or it has been for a week or two: Fiesta! And tomorrow marks the 127th annual Battle of flowers parade. Get ready for some color and lots of fun. And did you know that not only is this the biggest Fiesta parade, but that it’s the only parade in the US that is organized entirely by women? Viva Fiesta, indeed!

Position Management

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Last week we talked about KG round-up and planning for the year. You’ll need to budget for those teachers. Position Management can help you forecast positions and see what happens when you change things around before you’re locked in. And when you find the best scenario, move those positions to the current year or next year payroll. Make sure you’re getting the right personnel. iTCCS and TxEIS offer complete Business and Student administrative software designed exclusively for Texas Schools. Let us know what you think.

Kindergarten Roundup

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The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) (iTCCS/TxEIS) partners with schools to register kindergarten students using Online Registration. These planning days help schools get an idea for the number of students they’ll have next year and that helps get the right number of teachers. We’ll talk about that a little more next week. Want to know more? Contact us.