Your iTCCS Development Superstar Managers

iTCCS Development ManagersYou probably already know who they are, but it’s always good to meet them again: your iTCCS development superstar managers.

Annette Beard is the Applications Development Manager for Research and Development. She’s been with the TCC for 17 years, seven years working on iTCCS Business and ten working on iTCCS Student. She’s busy with user pick list reports for both Student and Business. That will be a great addition to the already robust Business and Student system.

Ed Martinez is the Applications Development Manager for Student Maintenance and has worked for the TCC for six years. His team recently completed the Graduation Plan Requirements page where all the graduation data and indicators are captured. Everything in one place means convenience for you, to be sure.

And Kathy Efird is the Applications Development Manager for Business Maintenance. She’s been with us for going on 30 years this year. Congratulations! She’s working hard on the TRS TEAM project and Financial Journal Entry Approvals. Remember, state and federal mandates are provided at no cost to you.

The iTCCS developers are always making our product the best it can be. We’re very lucky to have such hard working, knowledgeable folks on the team. iTCCS: Providing you the best.

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