Fitness Challenging

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Not too long ago, iTCCS fielded a five-person team (the Scrambled Legs!) to take the Fitness Challenge. Squats. Pushups. Even a 30 second plank (the giggling nearly did them in there). But they did awesome.

Not only is iTCCS healthy and fit, but so are the iTCCS Development team. It takes one to know one! Let us know if you have questions about anything, like maybe the Health application.

TASBO Summer Conference

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Coming to the 2017 Summer Conference in Galveston? We’ll be there from June 19-21 at booth 43. Come on by and see us. We’re always happy to see you. Oh, and we’ll be able to tell you a little more about our TCC User Conference too!

Document Attachment

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Document attachment allows you to upload, download and delete documents for things like purchase orders, discipline incident reports, health documents and inventory maintenance (and much more). We’re helping you go green. Want more information? Get in touch with your local Education Service Center today.

Test Scores

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Test Scores is the application on your minds as the testing season (and therefore, school year) wraps up. We make it easy to maintain student test score information, including assessment scores for STAAR, TAKS, SDAA II, TELPAS, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and ITBS. Because all this data is maintained continually throughout the school year, information from previous years lets you track progress. And simply upload test results directly into the iTCCS system. We make sure that we have all our file formats up to date. Here’s our contact information. We’re here for you.